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Financial Aid: What is the process to apply for Financial Aid?

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All Federal and State Grants:

Step 1: Submit your FAFSA for the year you plan on attending.

  • Make sure enter EVERYTHING in accurately and include the school you plan on attending. Once you have submitted your FAFSA, print your SAR (student aid report) for your records.

Step 2: Check your email and MyShasta student portal account for additional documents needed to submit to the Financial Aid Office.

  • You may not be required to submit any documents to the Financial Aid Office. Continue to check your email and MyShasta account until you have an Award Letter.

Step 3: For a new student, they will have to activate their BankMobile account (the system we have partnered with to disburse funds) and choose their disbursement preference. The student can choose whether to have the funds disbursed to a BankMobile card, direct deposit into a checking account, or a check in the mail.

BOG (Board of Governors) Fee Waiver: The student can either turn in a paper copy of the BOG Fee Waiver Application to the Financial Aid Office, or apply online. If the student becomes eligible after they have already paid for classes, they will be reimbursed the amount of tuition previously paid. In order to be eligible for a reimbursement, the BOG must be applied before the last day of the term. If you have questions on your reimbursement, contact Admissions and Records at 530-242-7650.                                           

Scholarships: Students either login or sign up to Academic Works Scholarship Portal; input student’s information, and see what scholarships they are eligible for.

Tips: Generally, they will need to be registered in at least 6 units, have 12 college units completed by August 1st for the fall application period or January 1st for the spring semester, an autobiography (information about the student, including educational plans and future goals), and two letters of recommendation. Each scholarship will have specific instructions and guidelines, so the student can follow the instructions for the specific scholarships.

Loans:  All loans must be processed through the Financial Aid office ** you must have a current FAFSA application completed before your loan application can be processed. There is a printable version of the steps to apply for a loan that can be found here.

  1. The first step (for new borrowers only) is to complete the Direct Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling at Electronic confirmation must be received by Shasta College before a loan will be processed.
  2. The student must electronically sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN) online with the Department of Education at . This must be completed each year at Shasta College. Electronic confirmation must be received by Shasta College before a loan will be processed.
  3. Submit a copy of a Complete Educational Plan. To obtain a current educational plan, meet with a counselor, or call the Career and Transfer Center at 530.242.7724.
  4. Print and complete 16-17 Form LB
  5. If you are a new borrower, print and complete 16-17 Form NBEQ

*NOTE: When turning in loan paperwork, be sure to bring a valid government issued photo ID (Shasta College makes a copy to keep with loan forms)

Book Loans and Grants: Dates and requirements can be found here. Apply for either the book loan or book grant online at the following link. *Note: These are for students who are NOT receiving Pell Grant disbursements.